Dori McCormick's photography truly is a reflection of "Art From Her Heart" as well as including the heart and passion of whatever she is photographing. Her use of lighting and colours combined, brings out the best in her photographs. Personally for us, our favourite piece of work would have to be the "Mother & Daughter" photographs of us and our animals - so natural and a treasure for always.

Phillipa Nixon



Dori, you became a friend to my children, thereby ensuring that the photo    session was relaxed and happy. Images created from this session, capture the character of each child; their warmth and closeness, a reflection of your skill. A moment, lives for a lifetime.

Thank you, Sheila McKenzie



Thanks for making our memories last more than a life time. You had amazing patience with our kids and myself included. A very professional finished product....thank you again.




I still marvel at your pictures. They are such treasures. You capture the essence of people AND make them absolutely gorgeous! I love looking at your work.

Bev Vasquez



Dori McCormick is a gifted photographer, especially in informal and environmental portraiture.  Her natural talents in this most challenging style of photography are clearly evident in her images.  Dori’s photographs not only capture a special moment, but also portray the spirit and essence of the people she photographs.  The images Dori captures are truly photographs from the heart.

John R PenningtonPhotographic Arts Workshop, Wanganui



Dori, you have such insight or artistic skill that allows you to capture people in a special way.




Dori, you're a pro at it. You are the best at it from my - and a lot of other people around here - point of view. That artistic, creative side shines through.




Dori came into our home to take the photos, putting us at ease in our familiar surroundings.  The result? Fabulous individual and group pictures of the family, together at home, before the children leave to make their own way. Thanks Dori, lasting memories!

Kate Brock